CimaNorma is not just a chocolate brand. It is a celebration of art, beauty & taste over different decades

Art Nouveau

1903 - 1912

The first packaging designs of Cima were inspired by Art Nouveau, an ornamental style of art that flourished between about 1890 and 1910 throughout Europe and the United States. Art Nouveau is characterized by its use of a long, sinuous, organic lines and taking inspiration from the natural world with twisting vines, flower petals, and undulating waves.

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Art Deco

1913 - 1922

With the takeover of the Fabrique de Chocolat Cima by Giuseppe Pagani and the acquisition of the Norma brand from Zurich, the packaging designs were inspired increasingly by the sleek, streamlined designs of Art Deco which emphasized speed, power, and progress. Embracing the future in all its man-made, machine-driven glory, Art Deco lionises clean lines and geometric patterns.

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1923 - 1932

As a result of taking over Norma on the Swiss German side, Art Nouveau (known there as Jugendstil) design elements were re-introduced to CimaNorma packaging with an increasing focus on golden ornamental shapes and frames with reduced floral details.

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During the war

1933 - 1942

With the outbreak of WWII, CimaNorma faced manpower and raw material shortages. During those years, the focus shifted increasingly to depicting themes of local sceneries, culture and people as well as using local ingredients in recipes.

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Mid-Century Modern

1943 - 1952

After World War II, CimaNorma continued to prosper. In line with technological advances at the time, that led to production and development of a range of new materials, new textures and effects, colors and even new form, the packaging featured mid-century modern designs with minimal uncluttered and sleek lines and both organic and geometric forms.


Throughout the years

Since the beginnings, CimaNorma has been producing seasonal and celebrating chocolates ideal for sharing and gifting.


A history of social unity

Legacy of the Heart

CimaNorma deeply influenced the life of its workers and citizens of Valle di Blenio through the creation of a chocolate village. It provided male workers with houses, female workers with a hostel, where nuns taught them housekeeping and manners, and the employees had their own small church.